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How Can You Find a True Shaman in a Simple Journey!?

The Town of #Appalachia in southwest Virginia is a small town that you would not think to visit but it stands in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and took its name from this combo of these majestic peaks, exactly because of that.

Where everyone dreams to go but few dare! From my travels to Virginia, USA

#Fact: Powell River is the second biologically diverse aquatic system in the USA and is under great pressure from the effects of mining and logging and of cource road-building !

You can even find Bigfoot inside the forests of the Appalachia Mountains! From my travels to Virginia, USA

I am driving through an era that really belongs to yesterday. I can see myself walking through the late 1800’s living with the smell of the forest and the color of the coal. This was the center of the coal mining culture of the wider area after all. I make a stop in the towns of #Norton and #Wise and I think ‘wow, it is so peaceful, I could really live here’.

I am walking on a small trail under the huge trees and somehow I know that I will discover both a destination and a mystical truth!

Powell River is the second river with the most biodiversity in the USA!
I am walking to reach the top and I go through the Powell River; I gaze the Powell Valley from the top; I speak to the tall trees; and I see the Appalachian peaks gifting me with rainbows. From my travels to Virginia, USA

As I go from town to town I am passing through forests and waters. I spot an opening on the side of the road. I leave my car and I walk determent to explore this opening. I am walking on a small trail under the huge trees and somehow I know that I will discover both a destination and a mystical truth. Ascending the #mountain I reach a peak. A whole world is opening in front of me. I find myself at High Knob, the peak of Stone Mountain at 1287 meters. I can see the whole Wise County from here and I can see the borders of Kentucky and the Black Mountain, one of the highest mountains in Appalachia outside the Blue Ridge Mountains region. I think can understand now why the Shaman chose this land!

Virginia is the land of the trees, valleys, rivers, small secret towns and of course holds a part of the mythical #AppalachianMountains and the well known #AppalachianTrail. And in this part in particular you can feel the ‘Old West’ meeting the energy of the spirits of the Shamans that once were.

#Exercise: I admire the view and I breathe in the clean air and I spot a tree. I feel like its calling me and I sit on its roots. I close my eyes and I imagine the tree hugging me like its roots are big strong arms that can hold me and protect me. At once I feel calm and secure like a baby in the arms of the mother. I imagine the tree full of white life energy and I imagine his energy coming to me, surrounding me, and entering through my every cell. I feel strong and I gently open my eyes. I thank my new friend for this gift and I go on walking my path.

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I found an old movie theater with old leather seats I read a book at the amazing campus of the college of he Virginia University in Wise; I met the grandson of the great philosopher of our times Napoleon Hill, J. B. Hill; I saw the art combining the culture of the shamans with the colonial culture. From my travels to Virginia, USA

The Appalachia hide the old and new mining history that has made people prosper but has creates the devastation of nature. The trails of the Shamans endure and are waiting for you to explore them. From my travels in Virginia, USA

In these lands you can just ask for the help of all the spirits that still live in the mountains and waiting for someone to ask. You can ask the shamans of the past that guard their land, their big forests, and all the life prospering inside them. They know that we humans need the trees to draw life energy and that we will soon reach for our connection with them. They are here keeping the trees standing and guiding to choose the right one for you. I can hear them whispering from the movement of the leaves telling me to take in every moment of this journey like it’s a sacred journey. They are helping me I think to connect with the soil on every step I take. I am now walking on this small trail, of the Appalachia and I dream that someday I will be back to meet once more with all the spirits of this majestic route! I hear the sound of the river. I am back on the street and I say goodbye.

The unique quiet of the water. From my travels to Virginia, USA

*Danai Fassouli is a writer self-development consultant and healer traveling around the wold with the sole purpose to decode the ancient sacred truths and use them for her personal development as well as to spread them to all women that want to work for their own health of the mind, body and soul. The articles are purely informative and do not replace the nutritionist; doctor and/or the psychologist and generally any specialist in physical and mental health.

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