Born in Athens, Greece, grew up in the Athenian suburbs in Greece where she finished school. During the last years of high school, she followed a theoretical direction in her studies and went further deep into the ancient Greek and Latin languages in which she continued her studies after graduation. She also studied in depth ancient philosophies and religions and various healing techniques from all around the world; communication; human rights; interior architecture; photography; drama; music; politics. Since 2005 she has created "The Harmony Method"®, a system that helps people live a complete, healthy, and balanced life, by creating for them the best possible environment in their home or workplace, using the ancient Greek philosophy on structure, geology, and orientation; feng shui; and the art of physiognomy; by offering energy healing using many different techniques from all around the world; and through communication, self-image, breathing and eating consulting. You can find the full method here.

She is also an artist and a writer, creating infused art for a better flow of energy. 


  • Communication, BSc, City University of Seatle, USA

  • Human Rights & Global Ethics, MA, University of Leicester, UK


  • Drama

  • Photography

  • Interior Architecture

  • Music


  • "Equality & Inequality in the Classroom", The Open University, London, UK

  • "NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming" (Official, Richard Badler) 

  • "Psychology through Drama"

  • PMA System, Napoleon Hill, (University of Virginia, Wise, USA)

  • "EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques"

  • "Feng Shui Mastery", (Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia) &  (American Feng Shui Institute, USA)

  • "Social Innovation"

  • "Critical Thinking/Reason and Fair Play in Communication"

  • "Political Philosophy"

  • "Focus Mastery"

  • "Accredited Yoga Teaching"

  • "Economics/Behavior of Byers and Sellers"

  • "PhotoReading" (Minessota, USA)

  • "Art" (Painting)


  • "Reiki" (Japanese)

  • "Pranic Healing"

  • "Bioenergy"

  • "Shamanic Healing" (Mayan)

  • "Qigong" (Chinese Spiritual Healing)

  • "Crystal Healing"

  • "Quantum Healing"

  • "Johrei" (Japanese)

  • "Shiatsu"

  • "Mayan Abdominal Healing" (Mayan)

  • "Lymph Circulation Healing"

  • "Egyptian Hieroglyphics"

  • Ancient Greek

  • Latin

  • Celtic


  • "The Story of a Never-Ending Way", E-book/English, Hard copy/Greek, 2013

  • "The Story of a Never-Ending Way" Exhibition, Photography-Documentary:

2013, Athens Greece

2014, BCN Art, Barcelona, Spain

2015, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

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"If there is one phrase that describes "The Harmony Method"®, my art, and my writings, it's that:

Life is a Road and a Journey, and everything around us is a documentary showing us the way to live.

My big passions are culture, travel, and philosophy. Traveling as an explorer, this kind of contact with the world made me always seek for the new; for the communication and the integration between the different people and cultures and this is what I want to bring with my art, capture in my photography, and speak of in my writings; only in a philosophic way. Living as a kid in a house full of philosophy books, my love for all written grew and this leads me to express myself through the eye of this great philosopher that guides me and my spirit. "