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Traveling to the End of the World and Meet a Druid!? Only in Ireland!

Traveling to the southwest of the Republic of Ireland brings all kinds of myths and stories and music to my mind. But the most important lesson for me is to synchronize with the sound of the waves.

The old lighthouse of Mizen Head. The furthest southern point of Ireland. From my travels to the Republic of Ireland

The #WildAtlanticWay is a mixture of roads that lead from the South to the North. It is not the road though that dazzles me. It is the small paths entering this road; the blue and rocky scenery of the land entering the sea; the colorful small towns that make me feel all kinds of joy; the also colorful people who sing and dance every chance they get... I really feel that this journey may be all about joy.

It was a such a joy to walk among so many colors! From my travels to the Republic of Ireland