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What is a Romantic Courtyard Doing in the Villages of Bali!?

In Bali, I see people living together, supporting the root of the family. Something found in all ancient civilizations and even in some cultures of the recent past.

A traditional main courtyard of a house in. From my travels in Bali!

Today's cities may be beautiful or impressive or even crowded, and there may be many of us together in the same apartment buildings, but how much do we #communicate?

A gate to home! From my travels in Bali!

As I walk down the #road I see a straight line ahead. Here in #Bali, in all the villages there is always a main artery. On the sides I find shops and doors. These doors have the name of the artery and a number. But these doors are not a house. I walk towards the door and I go inside. I am now in a small alley. This alley becomes wider and creates a courtyard. The courtyards, they tell me, actually are there to replace the vertical #roads to the main artery, something that applies in our big cities. In the courtyard I see children play, I smell the food being prepared and I take part to communication that happens between the residents. And I