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What is a Romantic Courtyard Doing in the Villages of Bali!?

In Bali, I see people living together, supporting the root of the family. Something found in all ancient civilizations and even in some cultures of the recent past.

A traditional main courtyard of a house in. From my travels in Bali!

Today's cities may be beautiful or impressive or even crowded, and there may be many of us together in the same apartment buildings, but how much do we #communicate?

A gate to home! From my travels in Bali!

As I walk down the #road I see a straight line ahead. Here in #Bali, in all the villages there is always a main artery. On the sides I find shops and doors. These doors have the name of the artery and a number. But these doors are not a house. I walk towards the door and I go inside. I am now in a small alley. This alley becomes wider and creates a courtyard. The courtyards, they tell me, actually are there to replace the vertical #roads to the main artery, something that applies in our big cities. In the courtyard I see children play, I smell the food being prepared and I take part to communication that happens between the residents. And I find out that there is not only one family inside this courtyard. I am at the middle of the yard and all around me, standing, are the different doors. The doors that lead to the different homes.

Everywhere in the world, the structure of the residence used to emphasize in communication.

The family prepares and shares! From my travels in Bali!

The doors I went in! From my travels in Bali!

In all continents, all previous civilizations, build their #homes in harmony with each other and in shapes and positions that favored communication. They operated like a family even if in every home there was a separate income or a different kind of wealth and status.

I think about my homeland, #Greece, and I realize that even today we can still see the big doors leading to courtyards and the entrances inside them. One internal entrance, one home. They extend in a circle around the courtyard. These homes were a fact until the recent past during the 20th century. Their origin is the house of ancient Greece where, in addition to the structure of the neighborhood that promoted communication between each family, a separate building existed in every house as a part of it, decorated with couches all around the four walls for the men of the neighborhood to communicate through discussion and food .

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Even in the palaces of the East an inner courtyard served for the courtiers and the women of the court to swap views or even disagreements, or for the communication of the king with the queen from the opposite premises, something that the west palaces lost.

Indigenous in #Mongolia still place their tents around a common center and the tribes of the amazon forest live in huts following an internal harmony which promotes the communication and the bonding between its members.

#Exercise: I sit under the tree in the middle of the courtyard. I close my eyes and I think of my home. I see it standing alone. I imagine a white clean bright light entering my home from the universe. This light extents and takes in all the other homes around it. It continues to spread and now reaches all the homes on our planet. All the homes are connected and the people inside the become one. They unite all with love and they communicate in peace.

The kids from the courtyard are spying the outside! From my travels in Bali!

I am thinking of the importance in implementing this ancient structure and I can understand now how this similarity in the particular structure among so many old civilizations is not random. It has always been about a way of life that has to do with our communication with our neighbors and generally the people around us. It is a decision that needs to be taken in order to find ourselves closer with our fellow human beings and to gain more interest in those around us by simply opening the door of our home. It is my purpose to create a welcoming home and make communication with my neighbors a way of life. 

*Danai Fassouli is a writer and self-development consultant traveling around the wold with the sole purpose to decode the ancient sacred truths and use them for her personal development as well as to spread them to all women that want to work for their own health of the mind, body and soul. The articles are purely informative and do not replace the doctor or the psychologist and generally any specialist in physical and mental health.

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