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The Unknown Combination that Makes You Ready for the Summer Sun

Do you ever wonder why South Europeans are so resilient to sun? Well it's not only because they live in sunny countries and have formed lets say a 'resilient DNA', it's because of the food too. Here's a #recipe that will make you strong and give you essential ingredients. Your melanin will be ready to pop up and shield you in a natural way.

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In Ancient and contemporary Greece we find wild #spinach in wet areas and it is called by the locals 'Nana'. But the name is not random. 'Nana' comes from the #ancient tradition and she was a river Nymph, the daughter of the river God Sangarios (Saggarios, Greek: Σαγγάριος, today Sakarya river). Sangarios was the largest and most important river of central Ancient Phrygia, today part of Turkey) and was the son of the Titan Oceanus (Greek: Ωκεανός) and Tethis (Greek:Τηθύ). They were brother and sister and very fertile so gave birth to all the Deities of the sea, the rivers and springs.

No wonder our favorite spinach needs a wet environment to grow!

So 'Nana' received the 'magic seed' that made her pregnant with son 'Attis' (Greek: Άττης) the God of Vegetation. Phrygians (Fryges, Greek: Φρύγες, older Briges-the 'B' was made 'F' from the Greek Macedonian dialect- pronounced Vriges, greek: Βρίγες) originated from the Greek Macedonia and Thrace around 1200 BC, were peaceful, and loved cultivating the land and animals. They were so strict about it that there was punishment by death if anyone would harm the land, destroy a cultivating tool or kill a bull. Their main belief was towards the prehistoric Goddess of the power of earth and fertility, mother of all Gods, Cybele (Greek: Κυβέλη) or Agdistis (Greek: Άγδιστη) or Rea (Greek: Ρέα).

So #spinach, the indigenous Asian grass, has its origin from the love of the land. Apart form its ability to protect the bones and our eyes there is now proof that it even protects from ovarian cancer and it also fights free radicals and has a great antioxidant power that makes the #skin strong and shiny.

On the other hand our colorful carrots are rich in vitamin A and they are famous from their ability to enhance the melanin and create a strong resilience to the sun. It comes from Afghanistan and it was cultivated by Ancient Greeks for medical reasons. Hippocrates names it 'stafilino' or 'staflino' (Greek: σταφυλίνο) and used it for stomach distress. Originally in deep purple color it was brought much later in Europe and its cultivation started in France and Germany and traveled 2 centuries later in England by the Flemish.

Today's Recipe:

Spinach with rice and #carrots



#GoldenRule: you can cook the carrots chopped with the spinach from the beginning or leave them out and eat raw with salt balsamic vinegar or have them both ways)

#rice for paella

chopped tomatoes fresh or canned

salt & black pepper

fresh spring onions

fresh dill


Watch how you'll make this amazing recipe

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