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How can You Eat a Simple Green Leaf and Obtain the Ancient Knowledge?!

This simple green leaf is all around us yet we don't really know that when we eat it we give an extra-valuable present to our body. It is even confirmed by several studies that the ancients were right about #basil.

Greek Basil

Camphor Basil

Its full name nowadays is the Latin Ocimum Basilicum and derives from the Greek Okimon and the later added the Basilikon (Greek: ῶκιμον το βᾰσιλικόν).

The name Okimon comes from the Okys (Greek: ὠκῠς) which means one that is fast because basil grows fast (fastly grows, Greek: ὡκἐως φυὀμενον). This is what Theofrastos tells us in his work about botany.

The name Basileus (pronounced vassilefs) means the king as we say today with a slightly different touch. First of all, the letter B is pronounced as the V in English.