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It is Pure Gold and You Know It!

Olive oil is well known for its benefits. It is a pure culinary and medicinal miracle!

The best olive oil is that of the Mediterranean region existing there at list since the 8th millennium BC. But Southern Greek olive oil is special because of the micro-climate that the closed Aegean sea creates. The soil in Greece was always the richest in herbs and along with the saltiness in the air from the sea it creates olive treas and olives with great consistency and rich flavor. The traditional Greek olive oil (in the Peloponnese, and the Aegean regions) is thick and has more dark color than the eastern Greek, Italian or the Spanish one. In Greece every food is prepared or drizzled with olive oil since the Ancient times and Greece has the greater consumption in olive oil per person globally.

Olive oil is one of the reasons, Greece has some of the oldest healthy people. If you want to achieve that just follow the rules.

Olive oil is produced by pressing whole olives. This is the ancient way. The olives are pressed and the oil is separated from the fruit pulp. Today industrial olive oil uses the fruit pulp to create more oil which is called pomace #oliveoil. But this is not a good product and it was not used in ancient times. Also industrialization, unfortunately, commands for more product so heat is used in order to extract more oil. This makes the oil of less quality and looses most of its antioxidants.


#GoldenRule number 1: Choose an extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed. Then you can use it in great quantities and it will only benefit you.

#GoldenRule number 2: Find an olive oil with darker color and thickness. Try some different brands and choose the right one.

#GoldenRule number 3: Even if you are in a diet eat plenty of olive oil everyday and loose all the other oils and butters.

In the Cretan Cuisine which is famous as the healthiest and in all of the Aegean at least one whole glass of water of olive oil is used per person daily. It is put in abundance in cooking and in salads. It promotes a healthy bowl movement and for this there are specific foods in the weekly diet that need more olive oil than others. See some recipes here

But there is a #secret! Loose all other oils and butters.

So enjoy your salad with plenty of olive oil!


*Danai Fassouli is a writer, self-development, Feng Shui and ancient physiognomy consultant, and a healer traveling around the world with the sole purpose to decode the ancient sacred truths and use them for her personal development as well as to spread them to all women that want to work for their own health of the mind, body, and soul. Contact Danai for consultation here.

*The articles are purely informative and do not replace the nutritionist; doctor and/or the psychologist and generally any specialist in physical and mental health.

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