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How Can You Be Healthy Forever with Just 1 Ingredient!?

You can make all the medicine you need right in your home with this basic ingredient. Olive oil is the golden pill.

Here is 1 recipe for an oil that will help your immune system and you will never catch a cold.

250ml extra virgin cold pressed #oliveoil

1 garlic

1. Find a good quality glass vase with a lid and a 250ml of liquid capacity

2. Boil some water and boil the vase in it for 5 minutes.

3. Take the vase out with gloves or a ladle so that you don't get burned and leave it in a clean cotton towel.

#Secret: Cotton short sleeve t-shirts, the ones men usually wear inside their shirts, are unique for this task. Wash them in 60 degrees -no conditioner- and iron them and they are ready to go.

4. When the vase is dry inside put in the olive oil until it reaches the surface of the vase, and put the #garlic cloves in. Let it spill a little so that you're sure it's full. Put the lid on (not a cork one).

5. Leave them for at least a month in a dark place with the most stable temperature.

6. After a month take the garlic out and put the olive oil in a glass dark bottle prepped in the same way as the vase.

Where to use this recipe?

For external use you can put it on your skin for fungal infections or on your lips for herpes. It is antibacterial and can be used like an antibiotic ointment. For internal use just take a tea spoon a day for your immune system and your cardiovascular system. And of cource you can use it on your food for garlic aroma like for example to make garlic bread!

#Tip: the more cloves of garlic you use the more strong the product. If it's too strong use only externally.

Put on your skin what you can eat!

*Danai Fassouli is a writer, self-development, Feng Shui and ancient physiognomy consultant, and a healer traveling around the world with the sole purpose to decode the ancient sacred truths and use them for her personal development as well as to spread them to all women that want to work for their own health of the mind, body, and soul. Contact Danai for consultation here.

*The articles are purely informative and do not replace the nutritionist; doctor and/or the psychologist and generally any specialist in physical and mental health.

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