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Can you Swim in Exotic Blue Waters and Meet the Descendants of the Druids!? Be in this Greek Island!

Walking on the rough paths of #Kythnos Island I come in touch with its ancient inhabitants and learn about the wisdom of the trees.

Amazing windows to the past! From my travels to Kythnos Island, Greece!

Exotic blue & Green waters! From my travels to Kythnos Island, Greece!

Kythnos is a jewel in the #Aegean having almost 100 beaches to swim and a thousand places of beauty to explore but the most amazing is how it stands on and in the ocean for hundreds of centuries. I am walking through the 7km path through the island’s many pathways from the little church of St. Tryfon to Kolona beach. It is not a long Way but the sun has already showed his power and my skin longs for some cool, maybe a tree. But there are no trees in the area, not the ones I would imagine a #Druid underneath it anyways. It is 8.00 in the morning and I feel that I am coming closer to the island’s ancient inhabitants though.

Artists cannot forget their link with the trees! From my travels to Kythnos Island, Greece!

Walking in rough, rocky, mule paths I observe the soil. It is brown and gold and wild and it looks bare. But this is the destination choice of an ancient tribe that came from... the trees!

Kythnos took her name from the King of the ‘autochthons’ Dryopes (Dryopians). According to the ancient Greek texts an autochthon is basically what you would call an indigenous but in a more literal aspect. In short these are the first people that inhabited the central Greece and they were created by the oak tree which in Greek is the tree of ‘drys’. So Dryopes are the people born from the oaks. They afterwards came to Kythnos (as they also went to other places starting with #TheLetterK).

Wherever I travel to Greece I can feel how old is our planet. The history of this place on Earth makes me stand in awe before the human achievement of living.

A unique architecture coming from the past; ancient ruins and old copper mines! From my travels to Kythnos Island!

The ancient city of Dryopis is right where I stand. Today the new city is called Dryopida, guarding the history. According to the myth, Dryops (Dryop) is the son of Apollo and of Dias the daughter of Lykaon who is Pelasgos ( The #Pelasgians are according to the myth and the ancient texts the first ‘Man’ and the first Greek inhabitants and the ones who established the worship of all the important deities).

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The sacred aspect of the #GreekLanguage, as I always write, is the commonality, what we call 'the roots'. If I put all these Greek words together in Greek and you observe them as images without even knowing the language you will see the commonality and there you will discover that the Druids you know and hear are really an ancient tribe that has scattered through Earth and has carried the wisdom of the oak. The wisdom is no other from the birth of the Human kind from the Earth and our connection with this Earth, our mother.

Visit Ofioussa Restaurant in Kanala village, East for art and a unique sea shell collection! From my travels to Kythnos Island, Greece!


Δρυς-Oak tree





As I observe the brown and blue scenery from the burned soil from the strong sun and from the sea and the sky who become one I feel the need to connect.

#Exercise: I sit on the ground on a flat rock, and I close my eyes. I pray for the ancestors of this land to guide me to find what it is that I am looking for. I imagine I am in the center of the old city. There is so much life around me and the ancestors are there with me. They bring their hands towards me and shower me with healing white light. This light is full of new information about my choices and my journey. I thank them and slowly return to this reality.

I already feel stronger to make my next decisions and I am sure the sea will take away all my remaining fears or reservations. I keep walking towards the majestic beach I can already see from afar. It is a goal. When I will have reached the water the white light from my ancestors will have settled inside me and I will know my next steps in life.

From the golden beaches to the majestic sunsets; from the richness of the ocean to the richness of the table; from the rough roads to the ancient ghosts; from the guards of Greece, the cats to the most romantic moments in time, here, is a place where you will meet the past defining the future! From my travels to Kythnos Island, Greece!

*Danai Fassouli is a writer self-development consultant and healer traveling around the wold with the sole purpose to decode the ancient sacred truths and use them for her personal development as well as to spread them to all women that want to work for their own health of the mind, body and soul. The articles are purely informative and do not replace the nutritionist; doctor and/or the psychologist and generally any specialist in physical and mental health.

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