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Can Simple Rays of Light Bring You All the Money You Want? The Golden Ratio Will Give you Answers.

If your workspace is overwhelmed by stress-energy and you are tired by bad relationships with co-workers or clients, look for the reason in the space itself.

I drew a little desk!

An overcrowded office with too much furniture and decorations; or dirty; or dark, creates ‘dirty’ and ‘dark’ relationships.

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Remove extra decorations or furniture that you could function without. Give space to your employees. Even if you work alone, give space to yourself so that you can breathe the good energy that an open space can bring.

#Fact: Light in ancient Greece was of the most important when it came to buildings and space. The ancient Greek word for light actually describes this importance as well as the presence of light through the Gods (Apollo; Hemera; etc...).

Observe the letters and their commonality. The word 'Phaos' (faos, Greek: φὰος), was the word for light. It