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A Sacred Tree & People from Another Planet.

I first saw it on a #GreekIsland, and then encountered it in many of my journeys in many corners of the planet and in several varieties. This is a tree that can perform miracles, and it has been used from the vast ancient world and has a highlighted place in Hippocratic medicine. The beautiful Cedar tree.

Spending time with my cedar tree!

Cedar trees are ancient and have been used for their medicinal quality for thousands of years. They come in many varieties, from the giant cedar of the rainforest, the #cedar of the Himalayas, the Lebanon cedar, or the common juniper which has many subvarieties and is the one used by Hippocrates. All of them have a common characteristic. They can heal your body, your soul, and your space.

#Tip: The word “Cedar” is a name that claims divinity. But how can a simple word be relative to God, sacredness, and the creation?!

The ancient Greek poet Homer, tells us of a wood that when burned is used for its aroma and its medicinal properties. So it is named Cedar (Kedros, Greek: Κέδρος, Latin: Cedrus) from the words “Kaíō “ (Greek: Kαίω) which means to burn, united with the word "Dendreon" (Greek: Δνδρεον), which means tree. So basically it means the tree we burn for its properties.

WORDS: Ke+dros (ce+dar)

IN GREEK: Kaíō + dendreon

MEANING: Burning+ wood