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A Sacred Tree & People from Another Planet.

I first saw it on a #GreekIsland, and then encountered it in many of my journeys in many corners of the planet and in several varieties. This is a tree that can perform miracles, and it has been used from the vast ancient world and has a highlighted place in Hippocratic medicine. The beautiful Cedar tree.

Spending time with my cedar tree!

Cedar trees are ancient and have been used for their medicinal quality for thousands of years. They come in many varieties, from the giant cedar of the rainforest, the #cedar of the Himalayas, the Lebanon cedar, or the common juniper which has many subvarieties and is the one used by Hippocrates. All of them have a common characteristic. They can heal your body, your soul, and your space.

#Tip: The word “Cedar” is a name that claims divinity. But how can a simple word be relative to God, sacredness, and the creation?!

The ancient Greek poet Homer, tells us of a wood that when burned is used for its aroma and its medicinal properties. So it is named Cedar (Kedros, Greek: Κέδρος, Latin: Cedrus) from the words “Kaíō “ (Greek: Kαίω) which means to burn, united with the word "Dendreon" (Greek: Δνδρεον), which means tree. So basically it means the tree we burn for its properties.

WORDS: Ke+dros (ce+dar)

IN GREEK: Kaíō + dendreon

MEANING: Burning+ wood

It is not random that the Himalayan cedar is called "cedar deodara". The locals of course started that by eventually calling it "Deodār" (देओदा). This is the latest Hindu transformation of the word. The first word was "deo-dara" and has two components. It comes from the Greek God Zeus, (Geek: Ζεῦς), which is Theos (Greek: θεός, Latin: Deus), and means God which has become "Deva" in Sanskrit. And from the Greek word "Dendreon" (Greek: Δνδρεον), which, as we said, means tree and becomes "Dāru" in Sanskrit, which means tree and wood. In the birthplace of the Himalayan tree, the word becomes deva-dāru ( देवदारु ) basically meaning divine tree or the tree of the Gods.

But its divine character is also portrayed by the very ancient Greek root of its name. We will first find the tree mentioned by Orpheus (Orfeas) many centuries BC, in Homer (Omiros) and also in the great ancient Greek botanist Theophrastus (Theofrastos), in Hippocrates (Ippokrates), and later in the Greek pharmacologist Dioscorides (Dioskourides) by the name of "arkephthos" (arkefthos, Greek: ἄρκευθος). This comes from the verb "Arkeo" (Greek: Αρκέω) which in modern Greek literally means I am enough, but in ancient Greek, it means also I am powerful, I repel.

#Fact: All the parts of the Cedar tree are used to REPEL various illnesses and harmful bacteria & bugs.
A beautiful Cedar in Britain

But what is the magical story of its name and origins?

The root "Ark" (Greek: Αρκ) is used here as it is also used in "Arktos" (Greek: ᾰ̓́ρκτος) which means the North, the north pole, but also the bear and the Ursa Major known also as the Great Bear and Ursa Minor. According to the myth, Ursa Major is the divine Arcadian (Arkadian, Greek: Αρκάδια) nymph Callisto, which means the most beautiful. She is basically the most #beautiful Goddess Artemis, and she was transformed into a bear by the Goddess Hera. She then was sent to the sky by Zeus for her protection. Ursa Minor is the son of Zeus and Callisto, Arcas (Arkas, Greek: Αρκάς), from whom Arcadians (Arkades, Αρκάδες) were named after. Ursa Minor has the third brighter visible star, Arcturus (Arktouros, Greek: Ἀρκτοῦρος), the Polaris star as we know it, which means the guardian of the bear and was first referenced in the works of the Greek poet Hesiod. He wrote that the star is rising fifty days after the winter solstice in his book Works and Days.

Check out the commonality of these words even if you don't understand them.

Look at them as images and

you will discover the secret behind them.

So what does all this have to do with our cedar tree?!

Arcadia (Arkadia, Greek:) was the first city on Earth that was inhabited by the Arcadians before there was a moon. They were the first descendants of Pelasgus, the son of Zeus, and the first mortal woman, Niobe (Niove, Greek: Νιόβη). Pelasgus then slept with the divine Oread nymph Cyllene (Kyllene, Greek:) and she gave birth to Lykaon, the king of Pelasgia. Pelas + gia

Pelago=Ocean + Gaea=Earth.

The king of all the Ocean and all Earth.

He was the father of Callisto. Pelasgians, that were then named Arcadians, after Callisto's son, were born before the moon even existed; before there was the circle of the earth the moon, and the sun as we know it today. They were named pre-moon people, "Proselini" as mentioned in the ancient texts (pro+selini, pre+moon, before the moon, Greek: Προσέληνοι, Προ-σελήνιοι ) by historian Herodotus and many others.

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The Great Bear Constellation

On Earth, there were two hostile to man continents, the north, full of ice, close to "Arktos", and the south, the desert, a land of fire. And there was also an island in the middle, covered with mountains. For them to come and live here, Zeus slept with the divine Nymph Maea (Maia, Greek: Μαία, meaning: midwife) and she gave birth to Hermes (Ermis, Greek: Ερμής).

Hermes's mission was, together with his son Logos (meaning Speach, Greek: Λόγος), to create the place that would hospice the humans that will come from the universe, the sons of Pelasgus, the Pelasgians. He chose the island and he opened its mountains so that the waters could come and support life; He commanded the #elements to stop fighting. To stop being just #water and #fire in a war. So he gave the mountains to the #Nymphs (water deities). And so the island became the land of the "bears", Arcadia and its people were named Arcadians after their divine leader Arcas. The island was the Peloponnese in Greece, and the area of Arcadia is in central Peloponnese. It had great mountains like mount Kyllini (from the nymph) and amazing magical trees like "arkephthos"- cedar.

Cedar forest in Japan

But why all the fuss about this name and the root and the history since we only want to learn about a tree?

So let's wonder... if the Arcadians are the first people according to the writings, is it maybe that our tree, the divine ARKephthos, is the first or one of the first trees, or maybe a life-giving tree?

If you can observe the letters you will understand how everything in our universe is related to each other and how can a simple tree can teach us the birth of our own existence. The letters A, R, and K in Greek are used in specific words that always have relevant meanings. The letter A is used as an initial, in words that relate to the initiation, the beginning, the start; like the word Archi (archē, Greek: Αρχή) that literally means the start. This is why it is the first letter of the alphabet and we use it in expressions like "he is an alpha male" etc.

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