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“The Harmony Method”®

What is it:

It is a holistic system that combines ancient knowledge from multiple civilizations and from multiple disciplines. The system makes sure that you structure your space in Harmony with the physiognomy of the environment by using ancient techniques, and it enhances self-development, healing, and communication. It comes from the decoding of ancient Greek texts (this decoding is the work of Danai Fasouli™ -pen name “Danai Fassouli”™) and by other texts that describe the rest of the ancient philosophies of the world. It is also based on the psychic, intuitive vision of Danai Fassouli and on her knowledge as a cultural communication expert (BSc) and her cultural, political, and human, and social rights expertise (MA). The system is conceived, combined, and created by Danai Fassouli.

Parts comprising "The Harmony Method"®


  1. Ancient Home Structure

This is where the method starts. It is based on the knowledge of the ancient Greek Delphi commands, on the way ancient Greece was forming cities and residencies. It is also based on the Feng Shui principles and on the 'science of the physiognomy' of the location; the science of geology; and the science of astronomy.

The theory behind this part is that according to the ancient Greeks the 'house' is the whole of the estate, the members of the family, and the belongings and the professional property of the family.

According to this everything must follow specific structure rules in order to attract good health, prosperity, and development. The location and the physiognomy of the 'house' are the ones that will form the 'person'.

What can you choose:

  • 1 session that will analyze the special characteristics of the person. 

  • 1 session on the estate that will analyze the special characteristics of the person in conjunction with the space they live in.

  • 1 session on the estate that will analyze the estate according to the system’s principles and give the solutions for the problematic areas if any. Interior architecture and design applications are given.

  • 5 sessions on the estate where “Harmony Psychotherapy”™ is implemented.

*” Harmony Psychotherapy”™ is created and implemented by Danai Fassouli since 2005©Danai Fassouli. It is the method to give the right commands to the brain through images, materials, and colors in order to attract good health, prosperity, and development.


    2. Natural breathing

This is a number of 30-minute sessions according to the person’s preference of achievement to learn breathing techniques that can lead to one's early breathing, balance, success, and good physical and mental health. This system is used simply for better health or even to achieving goals;

  • some sessions minimum are suggested for best results


     3. Diet

This is a diet system that is based on the principles of ancient Hippocratic medicine and wellness. It teaches HOW and what to eat for physical and mental health.

What can you choose:

  • Sessions to learn what to eat and how to eat it.

  • One-off system


     5. Self-image and communication

This is the part that most concerns professional life. The person discovers what he/she really likes, how he/she really feels about his/her professional development, they realize their dreams and the system helps them build the identity to achieve this. The person learns communication practices to communicate in the professional environment. This happens through intuitive techniques and the realization of one's authentic identity. 

The person, in the same principle, learns communication techniques to communicate in the family environment in a way that promotes the well-being of the relationships.

What to choose from:

  •  Sessions to create an image for the person’s professional development

  •  Sessions to learn the best communication in the professional environment

  •  Sessions to learn the best communication in the family (partner, children, etc)


     6. Healing

Danai Fassouli is implementing a combination of healing techniques that heal the etheric body and the aura in total and as a result the physical body. As an intuitive, she releases health issues that come from past lives or past agreements and prints.

  •     Sessions for healing depending on the issue



*This system is designed and implemented by Danai Fasouli (pen name “Danai Fassouli”™) since 2005©Danai Fassouli

*This system does not aim to substitute the doctor, the physician, diet expert, or mental health expert (psychologist, psychiatrist, etc), or any other health or mental health expert. The person must always consult his/her doctor or any medical or other experts about his/her issues. This system is not responsible for any misinformation by the person regarding his/her health and mental health state. The person must give consent that he/she can follow this system. The person must inform Danai Fassouli about the potential issues and sign a form that accepts responsibility.

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