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Danai Fassouli 

I was born in Athens, Greece, and am currently based in London, UK. Initially coming from the interior design field my work is inspired by nature, culture, ancient architecture, and philosophy. A stone from a Greek beach under an ancient temple, that has spoken to me, always triggers me to interpret a place providing a different kind of documentary. Different places give me natural materials, like rocks and stones or wood, which I incorporate in my art and especially in this new collection called "Aegean". A collection of paintings, big and small that depict my own chronicle of the Aegean Pelago.

My preferred medium is oil and natural materials on canvas. In "Aegean" I use a combination of oil/acrylic/chalk along with the natural materials from each island and sacred place that inspired me. 

…. As an artist, the interpretation of space and culture is my main interest. Apart from painting I also use photography. My process is walking on long trails and distances capturing their spirituality, the architecture, and the culture thriving on the way. My first "trail" work was in 2013 when I walked (775km) the "Camino de Santiago de Compostela" and created a photographic book and a story (The Story of a Never-Ending Way). 

I have exhibited in Greece in a solo exhibition and a different book presentation; 

in BCN, Barcelona, and in Brick Lane Gallery, London 

The "Aegean" Collection is my current "trail" work. I walked on each island, on their trails for days. I listened to their sounds and their stories. It came to be, from my need to be in touch with my roots while living outside Greece.
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